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GMCE, PC will always review options and provide the most economic solutions to our clients' construction challenges.

Steel and Concrete Construction 

Our technical experience in structural design and in the preparation of comprehensive, coordinated construction documents is used to achieve optimal solutions to our clients needs. Each project is supervised by a principal of the firm to assure that the quality of the final design meets the high standards our clients have come to expect from us.  We strive to achieve designs that are “contractor-friendly” and can be readily and economically implemented in the field.

Foundation Structures

With a solid background in soil mechanics, geology and foundational engineering, we deliver creative and practical designs for even the most undesirable soil and water conditions. Important structural details such as retaining walls, underpinning, pile foundations and flood considerations are carefully balanced with design requirements and building codes to deliver clear drawings and specifications for every project.

Structural Condition Assessment

We have extensive experience in structural evaluation studies, forensic engineering and building condition assessment to help you determine the failure, deterioration and distress of a structure. These important services also aid with building updates to determine the options available for the change or expansion of a structure.

Timber Framing

Whether for homes, historical structures, municipal buildings, churches or bridges, timber framing is a craft that adds beauty, strength and energy efficiency to a structure. Timber joints - locked with dovetails, mortices, splines and tenons - are an aesthetically pleasing addition we have long supported.

Historic Renovations 

We take great pride in restoring, repairing and strengthening landmark structures, while maintaining their historic form. Timber and masonry repair and restoration, facade rehabilitation, and bridge restoration are all part of our historic renovation services.

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